The Rainbow Six Siege Beta is coming soon and you have a few ways to join in. It all starts on September 24th if you live in the USA. Ubisoft will automatically email you a code for people who preorder and register Tom Clancy’s latest FPS. I’m guessing if you preordered you wouldn’t be here so if you haven’t preordered yet there are two more ways for access.
Curse has a limited number of codes to be distributed to members of their site. Registration takes about minute if you are not signed up. Here are the steps.
1. Go to

2. Select “REDEEM CODE”

3. Select your platform of choice.

4. Click NEXT to login in to Uplay, or create an account. You must have an account.

5. Enter your unique ACCESS CODE from this page.  Click the box in the top left to reveal your code.

6. Once confirmation is received Ubisoft will contact you with your Beta code just before the event.

If you just signed up for Curse you will need to click a link in a confirmation email. Probably look for that in your junk folder. One code per login, and only for US residents.


Option 2 involves doing the right thing for a place called Extra Life. A fantastic organization that helps sick kids, while you just get to play a video game.  Anyone who makes a donation of $6 or more will receive beta access. You can either donate at the Rainbow Six page or through any individual’s pledge page.


Oh actually there is one last way to enter the Beta… You could try the waiting list. That link is here.  Again you will need a Uplay account.


beta code r6