The first Halo 5 expansion pack called Battle of Shadow and Light will arrive this week for the low low cost of free. Microsoft and 343 Industries boasted previously that Halo 5: Guardians players would be getting excellent DLC content post-release – including free maps for all.


Besides the free maps, the biggest component of this first drop is probably the addition of Big Team Battles to the Arena multiplayer mode. Eight players a side will fight it out in the new mode across four new maps: Deadlock, Basin, Guillotine, and Recurve. Now this is fantastic I love a large FPS fight, but I’m not sure it should count as a “big team battle.” Battlefield can support up to 64 players on a map, but PlanetSide2 holds the console record with up to 1158 players in a single battle.


The Shadow and Light update will add 48 new requisitions and additional content like new weapons, vehicle skins, icons, armor, and a new assassination called Shove It. And of course the aforementioned new maps including the legacy map Basin. This is the just the first of 15 additional free multiplayer maps to arrive by June 2016.

Complete detail at Halo Waypoint.


Halo 5 Expansion Pack