Evolve Labs (not to be confused with the game Evolve) is launching its updated social gaming platform with Beta access. The popular service has 1.8 Million community members and each will have the opportunity to join the beta of Evolve 2.0.


The Evolve social hub makes it easy for gamers to connect, coordinate and play on-line games with old and new friends. Some of the features include chat, screenshots, and Twitch broadcasting. We dig the matchmaking support that allows you to search both in and out of gameplay and for multiple games – at the same time. As you know sometimes half the battle takes place before the battle – the match making. Evolve also integrates with your fav social medium like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allowing you to post screen grabs and video – although no Instagram.


Evolve 2.0 lives in a crowded space filled with several other competitors like GameVox, TeamSpeak and the less visual Mumble – making it difficult for gamers to get a conscience on what platform to use.  Part personal choice, and part selecting what everyone else is using is norm right now.  But Evolve 2.0 ups the ante for social gaming.