The National Videogame Museum (NVM) which began almost 25 years ago will open the doors of it’s brand new home inside the Frisco Discovery Center this winter.


Billed as the “the only museum in America dedicated to the history of the videogame industry”, the NVM features more than 100,000 videogame consoles, games and artifacts from the past and present. The artifacts mentioned include the only known Sega Neptune prototype, an Atari Mindlink controller (one of only two left in the world), and the ultra-rare RDI Halcyon laserdisc-based game console.


If you are interested in seeing and playing some of the 12,000+ games in the library you will need to travel Frisco Texas, about 25 miles north of Dallas. Well I guess if you live there you won’t really need to travel all that far.


The National Videogame Museum sounds like a pretty good time for a $12 admission which will go to help preserve video game history and maintain what they have.  The center will be available for corporate events, birthday parties (yep), field trips and research studies.  It will be open to the public six days a week. For more information, visit