Street Fighter V perpetual beta will reportedly return this month according to IGN and the PlayStation Store. The long going beta received an update recently and it is expected to be playable at the PlayStation Experience this weekend. If you won’t be attending PSX you can play at home December 17 – 20th. (Sounds like this will apply to Steam also.)


The solid beta we played at Comic Con this summer only featured a few characters but the latest version will offer up fifteen characters including the recently announced Dhalsim. Six more characters are expected to be released over the course of the first year. There is still one more “all-new character” yet to be revealed for Street Fighter V, maybe at the PlayStation Experience? Would be excellent timing, the Capcom Cup event (finale to the Capcom Pro Tour tournament) will be held during the PSX weekend featuring 32 players contending for $250,000


Want to join the beta? PC gamers can get access to the online beta by pre-ordering Street Fighter V on Steam. PS4 gamers who pre-ordered digitally through the PlayStation Store will not need to redeem a beta key, but will need to manually download the Street Fighter V Beta from the PSN store. If you had access to the first PS4 beta you will automatically have access to the second and there is no need to re-register. More information can be found at the official website.


Street Fighter V will be released on February 16, 2016 for PC and PS4.