SCUF Controller Repair- Friendly But Kinda Slow

The FedEx guy arrived early on Tuesday and it was a great thing, I’d been waiting awhile to get my SCUF controller back from repairs.  I’ve tossed many less capable controllers in the trash once they died – admittedly sometimes by my own hands.  But when my SCUF 4PS died (a natural death) I sent it back to factory for repairs.  I’ve found the self control to stop deliberately slamming a controller but in the heat of battle they still take some abuse.

The L2, L1, and even the L3 ceased functioning mid Call of Duty (kill confirmed) and it never recovered.  The next day, January 11th I expressed UPS my controller to SCUF Gaming ATTN: Repair Department.  I first called the support line to get some idea what to expect. Repairs run about $25 to $50 dollars on the average and won’t be performed until they diagnose the problem and you pre-pay for it’s remedy, the super friendly employee said.  He also told me I’d get an email when it arrived, and when it was diagnosed.

Just short of a week later I finally get an email my controller arrived. After no word for more than a week after that I wrote in, SCUF Jessica (Scuf Gaming Support) was always friendly in their reply and usually wrote back the same day. It took until the 28th for SCUF to tell me my controller needed a new board (at $39.95) and I called the same day to pay for the repair.  In the end it took about 5 weeks to get my controller repaired, I also upgraded the paddles to the new Pro Paddles.  I didn’t paid any extra for this upgrade, very nice.

The controller arrived in a well padded box in the same exterior condition as when I sent it, except now it was working fine – with new paddles.  Total bill was just under $60 for the repairs and shipping.  You can see our 4PS SCUF review from September 8, 2014 when it first arrived.

SCUF controllers have a 90 day warranty, if your SCUF needs repairs you can start the process here as SCUF Gaming Support. The address is: 3970 Johns Creek Ct Suite 325 Suwanee, GA 30024