Injustice 2 New Characters Announced.

Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios delivered today with Injustice 2 news – two new characters were just announced at Comic-Con, and get ready to get what you asked for: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle! Also worth mentioning, Redhood and Suicide Squad characters were also teased.

And if that isn’t enough teasing..  also mentioned with a very high probability, a Mortal Kombat DLC cross-over – based on last versions’ popularity Ed strongly hinted its return.  Many of the fan questions revolved around what other characters might find there way into the popular fighting game.  Ed would not confirm or deny any possibly so it seems anything can happen.  But the first announcement was a huge hit in the packed to capacity room. I’m writing this from room 6BCD so please forgive my poor wordcraft, I’ll edit this story later tonight.

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Injustice 2 comic con reveal

Injustice 2 Blue Beetle