Several reports have been telling us that 2K’s FPS Battleborn will go free (or partially free) to play sometime soon.  Kotaku was one of the first to report on the changes coming to the Overwatch competitor. While not a straight up comparison to Blizzard’s popular hero based shooter, Battleborn has certainly felt the effect of the competition. 

Gearbox is committed in its support for the game.  A new multiplay mode is coming on October 13th, along with the first story-mode content Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. It appears the change in business model is just something they will need to do to stay in the hunt, and keep the ever important community from shrinking. Battleborn going free-to-play, with extra content, skins etc requiring purchase is a plausible solution.


Gearbox has not officially laid out the roadmap yet, and there is been some confusion on what exactly is happening – and when.  There are plans to do a “trial version” of the video game that would be free, where additional content can be purchased. This according to sources Slash Gear and Eurogamer. The free trail won’t be time-limited, and that it will allow gamers to play the full multiplayer modes, with a limited choice of heros. Much like other MOBAs the available characters will be sometimes rotated, and players have the option buying the ones they like.  Access to the single-player and co-op missions, will probably not be included in this Battleborn trial version.