Developer Gearbox is planning to reveal something Duke Nukem this coming Thursday, might it be the next Duke Nukem title? Coinciding with The Game Awards on December 1st, CEO Randy Pitchford, responded to a fan’s tweet about a Duke Nukem / Gears of War crossover.



@Alex_Everatt On December 1st, we are announcing something you might really enjoy :)

— Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) November 24, 2016



Well I know that is not much to go on, they might just be talking about a new desktop pattern as far as I can tell. Or maybe something on Etsy – like this sweet pixel bead art. And even if the long shot comes true, and Gearbox announces the next Duke Nukem, we might have to wait another 10 years for them to complete it.


It’s been rumored for awhile that Duke would be added as a playable hero to Gearbox’s struggling shooter Battleborn. Actually not sure why they haven’t done that already. But with Duke Nukem 3D celebrating its 20th anniversary, there is some reason to think a new game in the Nukem series might be on the drawing board.


It wasn’t that long ago that the rights to Duke Nukem was a real life fight – in court. The lawsuit between Gearbox, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment regarding ownership of the Duke Nukem IP started about two years ago. It was resolved last fall with all parties agreeing that Gearbox was the “full and rightful owner of the Duke Nukem franchise.”


Duke Nukem was originally released in 1991 by Apogee Software Ltd. (now 3D Realms) on the IBM-compatible personal computer. Duke Nukem Forever finally arrived in 2011 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC after 13 years in the making.