Previously called the Xbox Preview Program, a new featured testing environment, is being renamed and the new Xbox OS preview will be open to all users. Announced via the Major Nelson blog yesterday, the move is “the next step in providing feedback on Xbox.


The new opt-in program will be called the Xbox Insider Program. Over the next few weeks, existing members of the formally invite only Xbox Preview Program will get access to the new Xbox Insider Hub. This means updates currently in testing now will remain closed to the public. Eventually the Insider Hub will be expanded to all Xbox One gamers.


Launched in 2014 the Xbox One Experience Preview allowed users to give feedback to Microsoft about unreleased features and apps. Recently the Preview gave early access to the new Xbox OS that arrived this year. Feedback was given back to Seattle via the Early Access forum.


If you are interested in participating know that updates often (if not always) have issues and bugs. This is pre-release software, and while it is fun to see the new changes early there is a reason it is in beta.