The rumors are true, Bayek (or maybe Ba-Yek) is the name of our next Assassin’s Creed Origins hero. Thanks to another Game Stop leak of promotional material we have a photo of his constum design and primary weapon via Reddit. While all leaks have the potential of being untrue this one seems to confirm other previous rumours.
A major candidate for big E3 news, the follow up origins story has seen several small leaks regarding it story. According to the early rumors the game will be set in Egypt and should serve as a reboot of the franchise.


Do you think Ubisoft will acknowledge this leak with a preview or teaser image? Or was this actually planned by the publisher as a viral teaser leading up to E3?


In other news Ubisoft has been working on several extensions of its video game properties into movies and television, and it appears Assassin’s Creed may be getting a TV adaption.