Days Gone is a open world action-adventure that premiered at E3 last year and it stole the show – at least in the Zombie horror genre. Feeling a bit like The Last of Us, the game will also be a PlayStation exclusive. Living in the post-apocalyptic world, our hero Deacon St. John is a drifter and former bounty hunter who roams what looks like the American northwest. Dodging and killing former humans now Freakers (zombies) he both laments his past life, and tries to move forward with no real goal in mind, except for a lost love.


The Last of Us Part 2 is coming, time to get excited.

Days Gone gameplay


Played played from third-person perspective the open world looks beautiful, and frightening. But in the vast world which features full day and night cycles there is plenty of stuff to kill and discover, and craft. Luckily St. John is quite handy, making a gun silencer from parts off a truck. Potentially he can craft all types of weapons, and upgrades, Fallout style. Managing your resources and your storage will be a factor in this video game. Ammo however will be plentiful.



On the other side of the equation is the freaker horde. A shit-ton of smarter and faster zombies that will take creative thinking to dissuade. Although I never understand how zombies with their flesh and muscles deteriorating due to rot, and lack of any real nutrition, can be so nimble. Anyhow in this game, they move a little slower in the daylight and faster in the dark – but always chasing Deacon. Sometimes found in huge packs the freakers swarm, flock and problem solve. Death to the undead will be a major component of your daily life outside the encampments.


Developed by Bend Studio this is the first new IP from the American developer since Syphon Filter (also a PS exclusive). Developed on the Unreal Engine we expect to see much more of Days Gone (and several other zombie based games including Resident Evil) at E3 in a few weeks.


Available for pre order now, Days Gone will launch in 2017, but no date has been given.