Syfy recently announced a renewed commitment to the science fiction genre (and we could not be happier).  With the proclamation of a reboot, came word of new shows, including one called Happy!. Based on the Grant Morrison comic book, Happy! tells the tale of a intoxicated, drug-addicted,  ex-cop who has turned casual hitman. In this slide from a normal life to deep decimation, a unique thing has happened to Nick Sax. A tiny, and relentlessly positive, imaginary (maybe) blue horse named Happy! has come into his life.


Sax, played Christopher Meloni (awesome in Law & Order: SVU) is truly a fuck of a man, whose world is going to take a steeper decline after a hit goes wrong. This seems to prompt the arrival of Happy! who will be voiced by Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live, We Bear Bears). Happy! is actually the imaginary friend friend of a sweet little girl – who is in big trouble. She could really use someone to help her right now, I wonder if Sax can find the time in his busy schedule to help out.


Make no mistake this is a dark and vulgar story, not for the faint of heart. Follow the Amazon link below and read the first few pages. It includes disgusting criminals in Santa suits, murderers, hookers, and the murder of hookers. And that’s not the worst of it. Happy is a unique and profane mix of Christmas/Crime/Comedy, and shit that is even darker. Syfy has broadened it’s horizons and extended the range of shows it will consider. The Magicians certainly has it’s R- Rated moments and the network has not sanitized the events in Lev Grossman novel – too much.


Published by Image comics, you can find the books on Amazon. No date has been given for the launch of Happy! the TV series. But is sounds like it will land in 2018.