We got a chance to play a few rounds of Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar at EA Play before E3 get started tomorrow. Playing on what appeared to be a very capable PC the visuals were nothing less that stunning on the new DLC map. I didn’t expect anything less. Featuring the new eastern front map Lupkow Pass and eleven new weapons (all unlocked) there was plenty to preview.


Name of Tsar will arrive in September and add six new maps in total, some of which will be night maps. We didn’t see any night action but we did get some snow. Snowfall in the DLC is variable, from a light dusting to much heavier vision reducing amounts. The terrain of the map was quite varied and mountainous. Really a mix of several attributes including streams, structures, and wooded areas. It seemed to be balanced for all classes. I personally prefer maps of the sort.


The expansion includes a slightly different behemoth train (different weapon sets) and airplanes. It also includes the Russian army and a Women’s battalion. Along with many new guns, the Russians get a new grenade that is tossed in a side arm fashion, like a football shovel pass (or is it shuffle). Actually I found it pretty effective as close range.


One of the best new “vehicles” of Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar is the new Hussar cavalry. Riding with a pike these soldiers do some damage. They can use multiple attack methods including a deadly swing and a stab which is awesome to pull off. Skewering your victim is very satisfying – but a little tricky.


Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar will also have a new game mode called Supply Drop. We didn’t get to see that. But were told it will be a fast-paced fight for supplies on the Eastern Front as planes airdrop the goods into the playing field. Crates including everything needed to dominate your opponents.