While I know you can never really go back and get that same feeling again, I did have high hopes for the return of Twin Peaks. Back then it was that perfect slice of pie, complex and yet so simple. Just enough bizarre deep-in-the-woods to keep you guessing, but not to0 complex to frustrate. The story of Laura Palmer never felt forced. But it does now. As if Showtime had a series of requirements to check off in each episode. “Long shot with complete silence”, check. Maybe it just that 25 years ago David Lynch and Mark Frost were so ahead of their time. But now we are all caught up. Shows like Mr. Robot or Westworld stood on their shoulders and took the next step. It’s like Twin Peaks was the hare, and now the tortoise has pass it.


Legion channels the original Twin Peaks spirit


It’s not that I disliked Twin Peaks, and to be honest I haven’t finished all of it yet. However as I rewatched the season finale of Legion with a friend, I thought to myself, Legion is really the Twin Peaks I was looking for. The masterful mix of past and present, reality and I’m not sure what. Payoffs that I didn’t see coming with the satisfaction that I did figure out that part – on my own.


In Legion the many parts are blended with a mixologist’s skill. With the help of X-Men’s Bryan Singer. Casting for Legion, much like the original Twin Peaks is pretty terrific. No one actor carries the show. it is a team lift of several very talented individuals. All so unique, and anchored by the main character played by Dan Stevens, and his sole-mate Rachel Keller. Their two characters are complex yet approachable. They feel “real”, while still possessing super powers. No easy task there, and very unlike many of the movie based versions.


The icing is Legion’s retro-cool and stylistic flair. The method works perfectly in what is a hard set of shoes to fill. Locations, clothing, and accessories all beautiful to watch. Not just for the sake of spectacle but to keep the story elevated in some strange space, just barely believable. Channeling the original Twin Peaks the props become an additional character in the story.


I guess someone can argue that this isn’t your parents Twin Peaks, and wasn’t intended to be. I’d agree. But it has substituted brutal for clever, and left some of the science-fiction behind. It has re-used conventions when it didn’t need to.


Legion is truly an original take on an X-Men story. Legion had high aspirations for it’s first season and achieved them effortlessly. While we acknowledge the incredible efforts that must have been made to do so. If you haven’t watched, I’d suggest you give it go. You find it on FX and Season 2 arrives in 2018. Twin Peaks is a Showtime exclusive, and don’t get me wrong – still worth your time.


 Legion FX review