PlayStation Console Games You Control With Your Phone


Sony is creating new innovative PlayStation games you will control with your phone. The idea is called PlayLink, and it will allow multiple people to participate in one PS4 game. Launched at E3 this year it’s a new initiative to include more friends gathered around the TV. The technology will work on iOS and Android phones, but surprisingly not Windows phones…


Not just a PS4 controller mapped to a smart phone. PlayLink is a custom screen, with a custom interface on your phone that changes with the game you’re playing. Allowing up to 8 players to join a PS4 game, the app will work on phones and tablets.




Sony’s “Hidden Agenda”


At E3 we watched a group of people play a cop drama game called Hidden Agenda. You can see the trailer below. Agenda works with up to five friends, who play in social group setting to affect the outcome of the game. This is done generally by voting on the next step the crime drama will take. Notice the number of players is odd, to avoid a split decision.


If you have ever played Until Dawn with friends this is a very similar idea, and it was the first thing we though of watching the demo. BTW – play Until Dawn with your friends you will have a great time. Adding complexity to this specific game is a second layer of “hidden agendas.” Tasks that only you know about. Because each player is using their own phone, with their own screen your agenda is secret.


Hidden Agenda is just one a several announced games. While I didn’t personally play in Sony’s simulated livingrooms, it looked fun and clever. However the action was a little slow, with a questions popping up every 10 – 20 seconds at parts. Waiting for the votes also brings everything to a stop. Playing the game is different than just watching.


Sony PlayLink arrives July 4th


This is not distant vaporware, you will be able to play games on your phone starting next month. In celebration of PlayLink’s launch, PlayStation Plus members will be able to access a free full version of a game called That’s You! An “audacious comedy quiz which challenges you and up to five friends to get personal and find out what you really think about each other.”


While the repeat play value of some of these PlayLink games might be limited, the social party initiative looks to be a fun time. Allowing casual games to join non-gamers in a variety of games. Aside for Hidden Agenda many of the other titles look to be all-ages focused with simple graphics with a Nintendo Wii feel. But it’s not to imagine using your phone to manage inventory for a game like Fallout.