The Musician Behind the Deadly Class Soundtrack

Deadly Class has been one of my favorite shows this year, and part of the reason why is the awesome soundtrack. I’m not just talking about the wonderful curation of songs featured in the show by classic artists like Tones On Tail, Jane’s Addiction, and TSOL (even the Go Go’s). I’m talking about the original soundtrack that blends, in a seamless yet addictive way with all of that musical power. A perfect mix of vintage and retro inspired riffs set in a world where violence, and high school dating, combine.

The Deadly Class Soundtrack

Ever since catching the SYFY panel at Comic Con last summer I knew Deadly Class was going to be a show I’d have to check out. The 15 minutes of Class I saw that day was basically an 80s punk rock, leg warmers and Ronald Reagan period piece that replaced the Breakfast Club with katanas and knives. The hell? And I still remember thinking to myself this soundtrack is great.

I finally found musician Nathan Matthew David on Soundcloud. As I mentioned – not a minor challenge to create original music that can stand up to that musical time period and style. I got a chance to ask him a few questions about working on this project.

Nathan was working with Oscar winner Ludwig Goransson (Black Panther) when the opportunity arrived. The producers of the show liked his work and he got the gig. His challenge was to explore the B-sides of 80s music but still connect to today’s audience. He said “We had the concept of doing a future-past type of sound. It was about capturing a darker side of the 80s that hadn’t fully been explored yet, while also having some modern elements.”

I was interested to find out what inspiration he used to create the Deadly Class soundtrack. Beyond reading all the Image graphic novels in the series. He said he started very early—at script level—so he could “get into the bones of the show.” He said he “wrote a lot of music before even seeing picture, which helped to connect to something deeper than what’s immediately on screen.” Bands like Depeche Mode, The Cult, and The Smiths (among others) where a heavy influence in his work.

You can find the soundtrack to Deadly Class on Soundcloud. A few of my favorite tracks are “Our Act Becomes The Truth”, and “Maria.” You can find Maria in the animated flashback in the sixth episode. Another track I found very intense and intriguing was The Kamiga Bros. Nathan said “for the Kamiga Bros, we thought a John Carpenter (one of my favorite writers/directors) inspired sound would be both menacing and fun. It hints at the horror/slasher sounds from that time period.” Good choice in my opinion.

Nathan will be speaking at WonderCon in a few weeks and of course he’s hoping to continue Deadly Class into season 2.