Puma Shoes For Gamers

Sports manufacturer Puma is now making shoes for gamers, called “active gaming footwear” the shoes appear to be very low profile and tight-fitting, almost like water shoes or even thick socks. According to Puma, the new footwear is the product of “extensive talks with professional gamers” and will provide you with the support you need, while actively sitting – and gaming. Just note they did not talk to any of us…

The sock-like shoe has a rubberized outsole that is made for both “at-home” and “in-area” use. Because there is a pretty big difference between the two locations? I’m not sure if the rubber protects your feet from sweat, spilled Red Bull or what.

Ugh, has anyone seen my shoes? I want to sit down and play some Borderlands 3.

The new shoes will roll out in the UK and Australia soon for about $100 USD. Which I guess is about what any new semi-premium Puma shoe costs.

And there is more, Puma says these sneaker-socks have three different “modes.” But I was unclear if they are somehow selectable (doubtful) or if it just means they can be used in various ways. There is an Attack mode, Seek mode, and Defend mode. Again, this leaves me with some questions…

Not to be left behind Adidas is also coming out with there own gamer shoe on Dec 31st. They are rumored to be in the $150 range, but no word on how many modes you get.