Solo Active Gamer Backpack Carries It Off

E3 starts in just a few days and I know what gamer backpack I’m going to bring. It needs to have room for two 15 inch laptops, a keyboard, a mouse, my over-the-ear headphones, and some other miscellaneous stuff – including (hopefully) a few pounds of cool swag. Luckily Solo send me a backpack a few weeks ago to test out. I’m so impressed it clearly gets the green light. Actually my real day job requires me to haul around almost the same gear each day to work. Except I swap my MSI Ghost Pro for another MacBook, and I don’t bring my big mechanical Razar keyboard to work.

Flexibly Is The Best Feature of the Rival

What I immediately liked about the Solo Rival backpack is it’s flexibility. There are numerous compartments, pockets, and storage areas allowing you to organize all your stuff in various ways. The main compartment will hold a 17.3 inch laptop and has a smaller internal pocket for a tablet. It also works pretty good for papers you don’t want to get bent.

gaming backpack

I also like the size of this carry all. It can get smaller-ish with two buckle straps when your load is light, but expands to hold all gear I mentioned above. The Polyester body is lightweight and it weighs less that you would expect for this mid to large sized backpack. Two hardshell zippered pockets on the sizes work great for semi-durable items that you need to easily access. I often toss my glasses in there because I don’t always need them – but I know where to find them.

Awesome zippers. A deal breaker for any backpack or bag is crappy zippers. Not a problem here, the Active gamer backpack has several double zippered compartments with big, easy-to-use zippers that don’t bind. Although I like the convenience of the two zippers it does make for zipper zoo, and I still open the wrong compartment once in awhile. I took a sharpie and colored a few black to make it easier to find the right ones.

Small details like a top pocket for keys and the airmesh back padding complete the package. Other attentions to detail include a headphone port which is probably getting dated but I used in once with my power brick, and reflective strips for bikers.

The Solo Rival gamer backpack is a deal, retailing for $80 I’ve seen it listed on their site for more like $60. If this one sounds a little big, hey they have dozen different models to choose from. I was very impressed.

gamer backpack