Australian Relief Fund Drive Raises 1.6 Million

Activision and Infinity Ward’s Australian relief fund drive closed at the end of January and today they announced a staggering amount of funds raised by the gaming community. Proceeds from Outback Relief DLC pack raised $1.6 million for the nonprofit Direct Relief, an organization involved with Australian disaster relief.

The in-game pack included a variety of Australian-themed cosmetics, including a Koala gun charm, emblems, a calling card, weapon skins and, of course, the bush hat. While the pack existed before Activision’s charity drive began, it was announced last month that the net proceeds of each sale of the newly-renamed Outback Relief Pack up to January 31, 2020 (including ones sold before the announcement was made) would be donated.

“The Activision partnership, from my understanding, was a bit of a surprise,” Direct Relief CEO Thomas Tighe said in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “They saw what we were doing in Australia and offered to help.”

Since the fires broke out in the summer of 2019, over 25 lives have been lost and more than 14 million acres have burned across the country.

We hope this trend continues, remember just a few years ago Destiny developer Bungie raised over $1 million for relief of the deathly earthquake in Nepal. Gamers who donated to that effort received in-game rewards (a unique shader among other items) and a real-world t-shirt.

Tinge calls these philanthropic video game efforts “fantastic,” and is astonished at how successful they can be. “Thank you to fans and our community. Your inspiration drove the Outback Relief Pack. On behalf of everyone here at the studio, we thank you for your support,” said Patrick Kelly, co-studio head and creative director of Infinity Ward.