Duncsmaps Recreates Stuff In Far Cry 5 Level Editor

I found Duncsmaps recreation of the entire Shipment Map (from Call Duty 4: Modern Warfare) on Reddit. Which led me down this fun rabbit hole of all the cool stuff he’s been making using the Far Cry map editor. His subject matter ranges from the film inspired, like #4 Privet Drive and the Pennywise house from IT, too many video game titles like COD and Zelda. But my favorite of the lot is probably his recreation of the entire Dunder Mifflin office. 

I asked Duncan how he got started doing this. “I’ve been fascinated by level design since I was a kid playing, so when I got Far Cry 2 and realized it came with a map editor I was instantly hooked.  With Far Cry 4, I started making scenes that were interesting to me on a more personal level.” But then it all went to a new place, he goes on to tell me “From there, I went into Far Cry 5 with the same approach but decided to move away from the more serious cultural stuff – so I made the Friends TV set and then recorded myself beating them all up to the soundtrack.  I threw the video up online as a bit of a joke and it exploded.  The video now has almost 300,000 views.” Ok, wait that’s now my favorite, and I just finished watching Episodes too.

The Far Cry editor

The Far Cry editor comes with a large catalog of assets to use within your own levels. I think it launched with some 9000 different elements and it has more now. But the hardest things to build according to Duncan are the specifics buildings using just the generic shapes. His recreation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa used more than 800 individual shapes just to create the tower alone. 

Shipment Map (watch the making of vid and see if you can find the rats)
Crash recreated in Far Cry 5

I’ve included a few embedded videos but you should check out all his other work on YouTube and Reddit. All his work is made in the editor with no post retouching (ie. no Photoshop). Be sure to upvote and share if you like them. Oh and he also takes requests but you better hurry with the DM because he’s already got quite a few in the backlog.

Skyrim recreated in Far Cry 5
Tatooine at Sunset recreated in Far Cry 5