Brothers in Arms TV Show

Even though Hollywood is completely shut down right now, Gearbox announced today that the Brothers in Arms video game will be ported to a tv series.  As I’m sure you are probably aware, the first-person tactical shooter takes place during World War II and consists of 10 individual games. According to the release, Scott Rosenbaum (FX’s The Shield ) is the accomplished showrunner that will spearhead the effort. With more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, let us hope he does it justice.

While we have heard of many video games trying to make the leap from console to tv, or even films – many actually do not. So don’t get your hopes too high. Early descriptions say the WWII story will be a “surprising and heartfelt emotional journey that resonates across generations.” No word on which title’s story might be featured.

Brothers in Arms is a true classic. Released in late 2004 the first game named Road to Hill 30 was inspired by the hit HBO series Band of Brothers. Still an awesome show btw. I always loved that the game’s focused concentration, it kept the emotion close. Current AAA titles like Battlefield and COD take place all around the world, with multiple characters. I think that lack of intimacy removes a key element that adds character depth to a game like this.

Furious 4, was the Brothers in Arms installment intended for release in 2015. It was canceled, and so was the series. Or maybe it’s just a long-ass hiatus. An interesting side note, many of the elements developed for that title found their way into Battleborn (also RIP).

No word yet on a target launch date.