Get Deals on SCUF Gaming Controllers

Having you been looking to buy a SCUF Gaming controller – well it might be the right time to act, SCUF has several pretty good deals going on right now. Our favorite console game controller company has more choices and options than ever before. Controllers for both Playstation and Xbox… and your PC too.

The best deal is a special sale on the SCUF Vantage (original). It’s the previous and original version of the Vantage. Featuring 4 remappable paddles on an Xbox style layout, and side (SAX) buttons. It has all the features you might ever want. Adjustable triggers and a very cool audio Touch Bar that lets you swipe for volume and mute controls. You may have heard some negative reviews about the Vantage when it first launched, but these have since been sorted out with a new firmware update. I would not let it stop you from considering this controller, especially since the savings are $60 off, making a $200 controller $139.99.

SCUF Gaming also has several deals on ready to ship controllers. Impact controllers are on sale with savings up to $45 off. I think the Impact form factor is an acquired taste, and I don’t like it. My personal favorite is the SCUF Infinity 4PS. I have three of these controllers. The 4PS is also on a limited time sale with savings of about $25.

Custom ordering is still an option allowing you to configure almost anything down to the type of grip you want. Online orders can ship in as little as 48hrs. Which is pretty quick compared to past orders we have made. However, SCUF does have a COVID-19 notice that explains not all things are running at 100%, stay safe out there!

In other news, The gaming-focused company CORSAIR completed the purchase of Scuf Gaming just this month. Scuf Gaming will remain a separate brand and will continue operations from its Atlanta headquarters, and according to the press release will continue to target “high-growth investments in the consumer and technology sectors.” Corsair previously bought Elgato Gaming and Origin PC. Scuf, for now, will still work as a separate brand, and we hope things won’t change.

Disclosure: Zero19 receives no financial compensation from SCUF.