Does SCUF still modify your send-in game controller?

When SCUF first launched gamers mailed in their own personal (store-bought) controllers to be “scuffed up”, now SCUF produces many of their own designs so does SCUF still modify your game controller? Depends, is the short answer, it depends when you ask.  Sadly as of right now they no longer accept your store-bought game controller for tweaking. The on-again and sometimes off again Send In Service was available in 2019 but has since been discontinued. We recently contacted SCUF to get an update. In brief, here’s what they told us. It appears like there might be some possibility for the service to return in the future.

Unfortunately, the Send in Service has been discontinued indefinitely. We do not have an ETA for if or when it would return as an active service, so you will have to check back periodically.

Send In Service Pricing

Recently the SCUF Send In Service price started at $60 USD for a basic update. While the base console controller features set changed over time you could expect the addition of two paddle controllers, rumbles removed (optional), and other simple changes like your choice of thumbsticks. Custom grips, custom buttons, dynamic paddle remapping, and other coolness could more than double that cost. Buying a new PlayStation controller for $65 and send-in Scuffing it for $60 pretty much gets you to the entry cost of a new Infinity 4PS Pro (starting at $140). Not much for savings – if any by the time you pay for shipping. However, sending in a used controller makes the refurbishment much more worth it.

SCUF gaming send in service details, Does SCUF still modify your send-in game controller
SCUF gaming send in service details

The controller I Scuffed years ago came back like it had never been used. Everything was solid and stiff, it actually seemed like they probably just shit-canned mine, and sent me a new one instead – and maybe they did.

Another benefit of SCUF is the service has always friendly, and pretty responsive. Remember SCUF also repairs and updates it’s own controllers and presumably controllers they have modified in the past. Check with them on the details.

On a side note – SCUF has been running several specials lately, check out our article on scuffed deals.