Unique gamer shirts from Zero19 – New designs

Zero19 Gaming is designing five new unique gamer shirts to go on sale at the gamer apparel site this spring. Each of the new gaming-inspired tees will be new custom designs not found anywhere else. Designed by gamers for gamers – shirts in this release include several favorite gaming tropes.

First up is a retro Atari Heavy Sixer t-shirt. The simple line art tee features the classic Atari 2600 console with 6 switches. True retro-gamers know the difference. Fighting game players will probably dig the new Fight Stick gamer tee, featuring a standard 8 button fight stick layout in line art. The arcade stick art is you.

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There is also a gamer headset inspired tee. A black graphic in silhouette. This Headset t-shirt looks similar to a RIG headset with large over-ear design and a mic.

My favorite of the new gamer t-shirt launch is the Purple Daemon. It’s a new character that is cute yet vicious – vampire fangs and a missing eye. The final shirt of the series is another new take on the “GL HF”. Written in a black script font the Good luck, Have fun gamer tee has been a popular seller.

Zero19 is only gaming-inspired casual wear. Created by independent artists and content creators Zero 19 brand sells gaming t-shirts, hoodies, and other premium-quality gamer gear. All 100% original designs in 100% soft comfortable clothing. Each unique gamer shirt is a unique limited run execution. Shipping is $3, anywhere in the USA.

Zero19 is also offering a one-time free shipping code for people who sign up for the mailing list. The code will be emailed to you immediately and can be used on any number of shirts.

Gamer Tees in the series:

Good luck have fun “gl/hf”

Daemon gaming t-shirt

Fight Stick T-Shirt

Gamer Headset Tee

Atari retro gaming t-shirt