We Found the Highest Priced Gamer T-shirt

We have found the highest priced (new) gamer t-shirt we have ever seen. This LV X LOL gamer t-shirt is “selling” for $970. Well, I’m not sure how many are actually selling but maybe a few because the League of Legends based shirt is from Louis Vuitton. And those customers are weird and sometimes very rich.

The stupid expensive gamer tee is part of LV’s partnership with League of Legends – True Damage. The fashion house released/announced the capsule collection last year and since then the prices have been rising. The highest-priced gamer t-shirt features the champion Qiyana, and started at $800 when first announced. At that time, many products were not scheduled to ship until the spring of 2020, with COVID I wonder if that happened. That’s a long time to wait for your $1K tee.

The LVXLOL short sleeve gamer t-shirt costs $970

The oddly extensive over 40 item collection, sometimes branded as LVxLOL, was designed by Nicolas Ghesquièr in conjunction with the League of Legends World Championship in Paris. At the time prices ranged from $170 to a $5,600 leather jacket. Which seems kinda cheap compared to the tee.

This was the second time Riot and Louis Vuitton have partnered. LV also be designed the trophy case and several new prestige champion skins.