Playstation 5 Sold Out – Already

Shortly after the Sony event the new Playstation 5 sold out. I estimate all the major outlines including Best Buy, Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, and Game Stop were complete sold out by 9:00 PM CST. Many gamers were fighting websites that crashed, or gave multiple errors for hours just to discover the inventory was gone.

The Best Buy would allow you to place items in your cart (after a few tries) but it was very difficult to actually make the purchase. Most of the time the wheel of death would spin but never advance your purchase process. Super frustrating to many who had consoles in their carts for hours to end up with nothing. On a side note I appreciate that Best Buy only allowed one console per cart.

Game Stop continued to offer gouging bundles with inflated prices, but these were also sold out. The top tier was almost $900 with out including any major game except Spider-man. During the frenzy many people reported messages on GameStop’s site telling them they were blocked from accessing the page.

Expectations were the Sony Playstation 5 would go on pre-order September 17th some time. Gamers were caught off guard by the pre-pre-order that began shortly after the event. In comparison Microsoft set a hard date for pre-orders and has stuck to that date.

Like all major console launches this one will defiantly upset many gamers and feed many scammers on the internet. We also fully expect many of these consoles to show-up on Ebay and Craig’s list for crazy inflated purchases.