The New Xbox Series X Controller

At first look, the new Xbox Series X controller doesn’t look very different from the one you might have right now. Black is still the default color and all the usual buttons seem to be in their proper places (cept’ one). But there are some key differences coming your way. The overall size and shape of the controller has been tweaked slightly to make it just a little smaller.

Microsoft took this oppertunity to rethink the something else. The left side D-pad has also been redesigned. It’s now a solid circular disk, similar to the Xbox Elite’s snap-in option. The Elite design lets you swap options quickly. Dropping the individual directional arrows from the game controller might be a welcome change for some, I’m not so sold on it personally.

But I do welcome the slightly more textured grip. It has a good SCUF controller feel and adds a bit more traction while you hold it. Another step up is USB-C is the new standard format going forward. Offer a faster data rate and some future proof-ness going forward.

xbox series controller

One thing that Microsoft has not changed is AA battery power source. It’s a bit odd that a 2020 design is still based on a 1940s technology. In the end this means you’ll probably need to purchase an expensive rechargeable play and charge kit separately (about $25 USD) if you really want to take advantage of USB-C.

Not taking last for least – the share button is a significant change to the Xbox Series X controller. Playstation gamers have has this function for a while. Basically, it simplifies the experience of uploading your insane screenshots and funny video clips. It works like this – tap it to capture content, and then either share it directly from your console, or from the Xbox mobile app.