The Champions in League of Legends the Ruined King

The latest League of Legends spinoff arrives in early 2021, so which champions will be in the Ruined King? We have more details on the Riot Forge’s upcoming turn-based RPG. Ruined King will see the franchise debut on consoles (fourth and fifth-gen) for the first time, along with a PC version available on Steam. New game platforms, new storylines, and the fact that Ruined King is a single-player only game – gamers experience League in a truly new way.

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While many of the details are thin, we do know that the six Champions announced for Ruined King are, Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Pyke, Ahri, and Yasuo. This is your team that will explore Bilgewater, and set sail for the Shadow Isles to uncover the secrets of the deadly Black Mist. Both regions of Runeterra: the port town of Bilgewater, home to monster hunters, gangs, and smugglers, and the Shadow Isles, shrouded in the aforementioned deadly Black Mist that corrupts all it touches. Players will form a party of champions to attempt to defeat this pale-faced mysterious enemy.

The Champions of Ruined King – Team Comp

Let’s look at the team comp we have been given. We knew at least one member of KD/A would probably appear in this League spin-off. Ahri who has a deep connection to the power of Runeterra in the lore, will serve as the Mage – and traveling entertainment too. A solid pick in my opinion. Miss Fortune is a perfect pirate caption for this journey, again fitting perfectly into the lore. She gives the squad a ranged marksman. Illaoi is an interesting choice for brawler. Both Braum and Pyke will serve as support roles, although I think Pyke’s lore makes him a better choice for this game. And finally, “the unforgiven” Yasuo brings his sword skills to the fight. Another solid choice in both lore and game mechanics.

Developed by the indy shop Airship Syndicate for console and PC. You can check out the latest trailer above. The other game announced last year is called Convergence – written as Conv/rgence. That title will be developed by Double Stallion Games. You can get a first look below. It’s also coming to console and PC, though neither game has a release date yet.