Casual gamer wear

Zero19 is gaming inspired casual wear. Gamer t-shirts, hoodies, and other quality gamer gear. Everything you will find on our site is an original design, printed on very comfortable clothing in unique limited run executions.

About Zero19 – Gamer Apparel Brand

What we are, how we got started


Zero19 started as a blog about pop-culture and gaming back in 2012. It eventually grew up to be a gamer apparel brand many years later. We are a small group trying to make genuine and authentic clothing. All the items you see in our store are unique and original designs, created by us for people who like to game.

The design inspiration comes from all over, from the events we attend, the games we play, the creative gamer community, and from my embarrassingly large retro game collection. We also partner with other creatives on occasion.

Thank you for checking out the store or the blog. Reach out if want to chat or have questions – just use our contact page.

You can find us on Insta or Twitter. If you are online and see a [019] clan tag, or a zeroNineteen gamer tag that is probably one of us (so don’t shoot).

-Mark and Scott