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Everything We Know About the “Ataribox” Atari VCS 2020 Console

Featuring 4K HDR output, built-in WiFi, and Bluetooth the resurrection of the Atari VCS 2020, aka the Atari box is light years beyond the original console. But a lengthy launch […]

xbox series x controller

The New Xbox Series X Controller

At first look, the new Xbox Series X controller doesn’t look very different from the one you might have right now. Black is still the default color and all the […]


Playstation 5 Sold Out – Already

Shortly after the Sony event the new Playstation 5 sold out. I estimate all the major outlines including Best Buy, Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, and Game Stop were complete sold […]

most expensive gamer t-shirt

We Found the Highest Priced Gamer T-shirt

We have found the highest priced (new) gamer t-shirt we have ever seen. This LV X LOL gamer t-shirt is “selling” for $970. Well, I’m not sure how many are […]

Iron Man VR video game

How to download the Iron Man VR demo

Wondering how to download the Iron Man VR demo on your Playstation, well we have you covered. Follow the steps below to download and install the Marvel VR demo from […]

Unique gamer t-shirts

Unique gamer shirts from Zero19 – New designs

Zero19 Gaming is designing five new unique gamer shirts to go on sale at the gamer apparel site this spring. Each of the new gaming-inspired tees will be new custom […]

scuf game controller

Does SCUF still modify your send-in game controller?

When SCUF first launched gamers mailed in their own personal (store-bought) controllers to be “scuffed up”, now SCUF produces many of their own designs so does SCUF still modify your […]

Brothers in arms video game tee

Brothers in Arms TV Show

Even though Hollywood is completely shut down right now, Gearbox announced today that the Brothers in Arms video game will be ported to a tv series.  As I’m sure you […]

SCUF gaming controller

Get Deals on SCUF Gaming Controllers

Having you been looking to buy a SCUF Gaming controller – well it might be the right time to act, SCUF has several pretty good deals going on right now. […]

Gamer T-shirt Collection

Dude Collects Gamer T-Shirts – Over 150 So Far

Different people collect lots of different things – Mark is a collector of video gamer t-shirts. He has over 100 gaming tees in his vast and slowly growing collection. Honestly, […]