Casual gamer wear

Zero19 FAQs


Can I purchase Zero19 Clothing anywhere else?

Nope – just here.


Is everything unisex?

Yes – unless we specifically state otherwise.


When will my order ship, when will I get my item?

Items that are in stock usually ship within 24-48 hours on normal business days (ie not major holidays). Most items take about 5 – 7 normal business days to arrive.


Will your clothing shrink after being washed?

All of our items are pre-shrunk however depending on how you personally wash your clothes, anything that is 100% cotton will shrink. We recommend washing and drying on lower settings – or air dry. Here are a few tips on preventing your clothes from shrinking.


How can I return or exchange an order?

Please see the return policy page for all this information.


How can I contact you about an order?

Please go to our contact page and write to us there.


Do you ship items internationally?

Sorry not yet – we only sell and ship within the USA.


We want you to review or promote a product on the Zero19 blog.

Ok cool, write us on the contact form. Please be specific about what you are hoping to do.


When will you restock a specific size or specific design?

We may restock some items after they sell out, it’s on a case by case basis. Is there something you really want to have that is sold out – write us on the contact form.


Do you sponsor teams, streamers, individuals?

Possibly.., but if you just want a free item to wear then you probably know the answer to this question.